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(noun) The alpha male who dominates nearby males and incorporates the majority of females into his steed for exclusive reproduction.

The twat macho is, in a more human sense, the attention-whoring badass whom women see as a suitable sperm donor.

Candidly I asked, "Twat Macho...what's your secret? How do you keep 'em coming?"

He replied, "It's simple, women generally love to be treated like shit."

I can't believe he dibbled Susan. He must be some kind of twat macho.
by elegantmaskwithafeather August 22, 2008
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(noun) An upbeat, lively social gathering, often involving music.

People at these gatherings are often of the older, more "refined crowd". This festival can attribute its name to the adjective snazzy, or the noun snaz.
Tammy knew something wasn't right. Her attire certainly didn't allow her to mingle with the others at the snazfest.

My snazfest will be the talk of the town.

It was a snazfest until the cover band played Lenny Kravitz.
by elegantmaskwithafeather August 22, 2008
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(noun) An often derogatory term used to emasculate men.
The term uses a color commonly considered feminine, and with the -us ending, suggests the word "penis".

(Note the words "penis" and "pinkus" sound alike.)

The common image derived from the insult "pinkus" is that of a tender, infant-like penis--one docile enough for new mothers and their friends to cackle and coo with pointed fingers.
I see your pink little toes peeking out from your open-toed cast; I imagine your pinkus to be of a similar visage.

Why is your wittle pinkus so chafed?

While dressing in gym class, his pinkus gingerly slipped out through his boxers--he was thereon dubbed "lightswitch" .
by elegantmaskwithafeather August 20, 2008
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(noun) A reciprocal for sperm; an opening, commonly an orifice, into which men commonly deposit sperm.

Examples: cunts, colons, mouths
Your mother may not look so tasty now, but at one point your father saw her as a wondrous sperm reciprocal.
Your existence is a testament to this.

Though born with a cleft palate, Anastasia rarely hesitated to offer up her agape mandable as any drifter's sperm reciprocal.

by elegantmaskwithafeather August 22, 2008
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I slammed her meat envelope well.

Most everone's hands had been on her meat envelope.
by elegantmaskwithafeather August 23, 2008
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(noun) A small subsect within the ever-pathetic bro epidemic. These bros call the dairies of Chino, Norco, small parts of Corona and Chino Hills their home.

Not to be left out, young boys and girls who grew up on dairies enfuse a dairy-esc hooligan style to the bro image. Contrary to popular bro-dom, these cowbros seldom grew up in suburbs. This gives them a tinge of badass-ness that overshadows that of most bros.

For example, cowbros' raised trucks are often dirty, a symbol of accomplishment. These bros actually attempt use their ridiculous trucks. Furthermore, their trucks will often be seen modified greatly with flared fenders, an unevenly raised front axle, and a truck bed which proudly shows a spare tire so big, a door cannot fit, thus rendering the truck bed all but useless.

Though a small splinter from the bro sect, cowbros still look like bros, talk like bros, act like bros, and think like bros.
Sorry, no progress to report here.

The Chino High football game was overrun with cowbros.

Biff's fenders are so high. I can't compete with that. He's the sultan of cowbros.
by elegantmaskwithafeather August 23, 2008
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(verb) to take shits; to lose weight via shitting out the asshole.
I'm gonna go lose some weight. We'll talk after.

Coffee helps me to lose weight in the morning.

Honey, I know how it can work. You can piss between my legs while I move some weight into the bowl.
That way we can be more eco-friendly and conserve flush-water.
by elegantmaskwithafeather August 22, 2008
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