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A term used by some of Norwegian descent that is a corrupted spelling of the slang 'look/see'.
Thanks for the plan. I'll take a looksie and get back to you.
by Tom McNamee January 06, 2006
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The correct spelling is "look-see".

To take a look-see means to check something out or to look at something.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, this term comes from Chinese "看見", each letter loosely translating to "look" and "see", and entered English via Chinese Pidgin English.
Other words and phrases with the same source include
"long time no see" (很久不見 very long-time not see)
"chop chop" meaning "hurry up!" (速速 hurry hurry).
Incorrect: "I'll take a looksie."
Correct: "I'll take a look-see."
by otaku sempai kun April 12, 2016
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