Modern rendition of the word gander. To look, see, observe, research, peek.
"Go to this funny website" - "Ok, I will have a looksy"
"Dannii, have a looksy at that"
by Alexander_cas August 18, 2012
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A term used by some of Norwegian descent that is a corrupted spelling of the slang 'look/see'.
Thanks for the plan. I'll take a looksie and get back to you.
by Tom McNamee January 6, 2006
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to take a quick and multiple look at somthing.
Can i take looksies at your paper?

You want looksies?
by Krishn the man September 18, 2006
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The correct spelling is "look-see".

To take a look-see means to check something out or to look at something.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, this term comes from Chinese "看見", each letter loosely translating to "look" and "see", and entered English via Chinese Pidgin English.
Other words and phrases with the same source include
"long time no see" (很久不見 very long-time not see)
"chop chop" meaning "hurry up!" (速速 hurry hurry).
Incorrect: "I'll take a looksie."
Correct: "I'll take a look-see."
by cutesy pastel living doll January 2, 2016
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You've seen Looksies Crapsies everywhere. They're dully sitting on the shelves in your dining room and bursting out the seems at your grandma's house. Sometimes they're hung up and displayed on the wall with hollow phrases like 'Family' and 'Live, Laugh, Love' *insert audible gag

These are all the knick knacks you've acquired throughout your mundane life and are now (proudly?) displaying around your house in an effort to appear refined and cultured. But it's really just a bunch of stuff that is taking up space. Looksies Crapsies serve no utility purpose, they are simply Things To Look At (Looksies) that are essentially just Crap (Crapsies).
"The things you own, end up owning you. Martha Stewart is polishing brass Looksies Crapsies on the Titanic, it's all going down man" - Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

"I bought a miniature Eiffel Tower replica as a souvenir from a guy (one of thousands, isn't that A-MA-ZING?!?) who was selling them on the street in Paris. Can't wait to put it on our coffee table to show how well traveled and cultured we are!" - Karen
by Robthegreat March 26, 2021
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When you are looking for something, AND, are most CERTAIN where to locate it, BUT it is CERTAINLY not there to be found.
I'll get that, let's see here, oh, oh no. Looksie daisy!
by JJ. Styles November 24, 2022
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