Take a gander at this! (take a look at this). Also 'have a gander'. Usu. used as a noun but I have heard it used as a verb.
by tyto2820 October 1, 2003
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a look, a glance (from the stretched, gooselike neck of someone gazing intently)
Take a gander at this wierd machine over here.
by Light Joker December 10, 2005
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to creep ones faceboook/myspace/tumblr or to simly have a look
have a gander at this sluts belt.
by slutrapist December 7, 2010
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I'm gonna take a gander that you and jon hooked up last night
by B-sauce December 19, 2004
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that gander over there just knocked out a tooth chomping down on that raccoon bone
by vimal October 19, 2005
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you gander
by christopher October 6, 2003
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