Dis is da kine language used by locals and surfahz dat stay back in da 808 state usually when locals move down 2 da mainland cuz dey momz and dey dad like move down deah mos da kidz i kno still try fo bring sumthin down from hawaii onlee ting is dey get no waves in dis haole states dat no mo watah so dey go an speak da kine but in hawaii da pidgin stay live and can alwayz speak wheneva u like. WARNING:haoles and tourist please don't try 2 speak pidgin u going get derrty licknz don't say i neva wet warn yooh!
BRADDAH#1:ey bah u know da dum haole boy went make fun of me cas i went speak da pidgin?
braddah#2:c now what happenz when u go 2 da haole state!
by dA kinE fiSh OuttaH WatAH 808 October 13, 2003
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