the game in which seductive yet playful glances are exchanged between two strangers who are attracted to each other. this game may or may not lead to a conversation between said strangers.
I was at the library today and this cute blond guy and I were playing lookie the whole time. Each time our eyes met I smiled coyly and looked away.
by shlo lindstorm October 21, 2010
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Slang, U.S. South/rural, for "look". Not sure why "ie" was tacked on to end. Raises issue of whether the defunct Look Magazine was called 'Lookie' by some.
Woman trying to get her husband's attention: 'Lookie here for some nookie'!
by Norman December 6, 2003
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A peek at a woman's breasts or genitals.
Prosecutor: The prosecution will show that the defendant was taking money in exchange for sex at the Rainbow Burger drive-thru.
Patty: That's a lie! I wasn't taking money for sex, I was taking burgers for sex. And curly fries for a diddle and a pickle for a lookie.
by Frederik May 6, 2006
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To be able to see
slang for look
To look at something
LOOKY at the rabbit
by rawr March 6, 2005
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A person, often found on highly tourist-dense areas, who tries to sell stupid shit such as bracelets or fake purses to people passing by. Named after what they say when trying to get people to look at their merchandise.
Lookie lookie, I have many bracelet. You like?”
by skippae September 26, 2019
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Sepo's way of saying look, another word for look
"Looki at you"
"Looki here"
by Jasy_101_Bear December 16, 2013
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Men of African Origin who sell cheap and not-so-cheerful items on the streets. Can be found in Tenerife almost anywhere.
The female variant will braid your hair, which is why you can see hundreds of girls with the same hair in Tenerife.
Name derives from "Looky Looky!", as in: "Kind customer, please peruse my wares".
Looky Looky Men: "Hey! You! English! You want to buy nice watch!"
My Good Self: "Sorry, I have no money"
"Yes you have money! You in Tenerife!"
"No really, I don't." *slaps pockets and coins jingle*
"YOU HAVE MONEY! Come on my friend, I do special price, just for you! Show me how much money you have!"
"All I have is... *picks out smallest amount of coins possible* this."
"Let me see! Ah, 4 Euro 30. These Glasses Ten Euro! Special Price! Which ones you like?" *Puts my money in his pocket*
"Uh.. those ones."
"You look, you look! Nice Glasses, yes?"
"Yes, but do I have enough money..."
*While I'm looking at the reeeeeally cheap sunglasses he accosts another tourist to sell them some shit. I thought he'd let me have the glasses so we walked off... I got round the corner and heard:*
"Hey! You! Pwah! You owe me money! You give me 4 Euro 30! You!"
So we ran. Haha, what a loser, I probably conned his family out of a meal that night.
by DJ Jinja April 6, 2006
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