Often put out as the bad guy but in truth is one of the reasons your not dead yet. Being a prosecutor is one of the most honorable professions of which I know. These are true public servants, as they are taking a college degree that can easily earn them 10 times as much as they will ever earn as a prosecutor and using it to serve our justice system.
- Prosecutors are lawyers working for the people against the criminals.
by BlehImBoreda March 17, 2012
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a narcicistic yet self loathing individule whom was a victim and wants to get back at the world.
most prosecutors are women because they are the most vulnerible and most in need for a feeling of power.
by laspina jr August 16, 2005
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A sorry ass excuse for an attorney that couldn't make it as a real attorney ex: making $30k a year vs $150k for the average attorney. Usually a overbearing bitch of a woman that is against all men and their rights.
Bob: I have to go see the county prosecutor today!
George: I'm sorry, I hope you don't get an overbearing bitch, you will for sure be guilty.

Anna: That's not true
George: You wouldn't know, you are a woman.
by 4thidco December 28, 2011
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Similar to a district attorney, who who is in charge of investigating a crime and then tries to secure a conviction in court. Latest trend is for the P.O.'s office to bust cops since they could never make it as one!
Man the county prosecutors office can't get a conviction from someone who confessed to the crime, so they sent the case back down to the municipal court for them to worry about. John the cop with the most awards is under the gun again for doing his job. I wish the prosecutors office would just leave him alone.
by Cum Junkie Walter November 15, 2005
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