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n. geogr. 1) an island off the west coast of Africa in Atlantic belonging to Canary Islands, colonial Spain. Tenerife is the largest and most populated of the group of seven islands.
2) favorite vacation spot for British, German and Norwegian tourists, mainly drunken students and elder folks on a budget. In recent years architecturally developed and intelligently marketed as a civil getaway for normal people. As the sod's law would have it, in recent years also effected badly by the climate change with weather changing from sunny 300 days to 5 hours of sun/3 hours of rain/365 days of being ripped off by taxi drivers for no particular reason.
3) an easy place to hide for accused Scottish murderers, Serbian generals running from International Tribunal charges, drug addicts, drug dealers, alcoholics, lazy asses, minor gay celebrities from Estonia and various other questionable characters.
You don't feel like college, don't want to work for more than five hours a day, running from court charges and can't last a day without coke? Tenerife is just the place for you.
by Sasha Henke March 03, 2006
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