“Loo” is like “clout” but better because the word “clout” has become cringy
Lil uzi vert is fye bruh, he has mad Loo
by FuckTheFalcons January 6, 2018
Where British people go to take British dumps that sound like a trash Tears For Fears album
Alexander the Third : Hey whats poppin

Joe: don’t say that

Alexander : ö nö I ate too much of that damned Taco Bell now my bum hurts

Joe: oh I betcha you got to go to the Loo?

by ryan_schenk February 29, 2020
In Persian language (Farsi) means "lame" and "boring".
Someone can be very LOOS when they try being funny but they are not, a boring joke can be LOOS too.
Loos nasho dige!(in Farsi)
Don't be lame! (in English)
by shirin joon October 4, 2007
Looking for something without looking.
The way DeKay and DJ Buscuit type the word looking.
DeKay: Whats a really cool looing keyboard?
DJ Biscuit: I reccomend the Razer.
Rumour has it that the replacement of Pierce Brosnan in the next Bond film will be a toilet seat.
by Mister Ignorant April 23, 2004