To have an extreme urge for something. Generally pints.
by mhession September 14, 2010
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“Loo” is like “clout” but better because the word “clout” has become cringy
Lil uzi vert is fye bruh, he has mad Loo
by FuckTheFalcons January 05, 2018
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In Persian language (Farsi) means "lame" and "boring".
Someone can be very LOOS when they try being funny but they are not, a boring joke can be LOOS too.
Loos nasho dige!(in Farsi)
Don't be lame! (in English)
by shirin joon October 04, 2007
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Looking for something without looking.
The way DeKay and DJ Buscuit type the word looking.
DeKay: Whats a really cool looing keyboard?
DJ Biscuit: I reccomend the Razer.
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Rumour has it that the replacement of Pierce Brosnan in the next Bond film will be a toilet seat.
by Mister Ignorant April 23, 2004
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Ay you got the loo? Hell ya I got the loo
by Bigpoppa999 October 12, 2019
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