Overly large male genetalia. Also known as a boomstick.
I am going to jam my long horn into your cum dumpster to lay a deposit.
by Toady January 2, 2004
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Another way for micro$oft to rob hard working men and women of their money. DAMN U GATES, DAMN U (wish i thought of it first)
Windows user; did u hear about windows long horn
Linux user; Oh no, more viruses
by ben December 14, 2003
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refer to "long horn"
by JeVoNeR December 10, 2003
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the new operating system from microsoft that is in development, it is supposed to be the holy grail of operating systems, its 64 bit coded and mixed with a powerfull video card. this OS can do some damage.
in stores 2005
by JeVoNeR December 9, 2003
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The Texas Long Horn is like the shocker but fold down your ring finger and middle finger, slip your pinky into thier brown eye and you know what to do with the other finger

But since your not just holding down your ring finger you can hold both the fingers extremly far down so that the folded part of ur ring finger doesn't stop at the gooch,With the shocker ur range is limited but with the Texas Long Horn you get insertion down to the knuckles
I texas long horned this girl and i got full insertion!
by ybm916 January 25, 2007
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When you get get head from 2 different girls while watching long horns fuck on the prairie
McCalla says to Tooley “Dude how was your double head long horn last night?”
by BigDawg45973469 February 27, 2019
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