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Overly large male genetalia. Also known as a boomstick.
I am going to jam my long horn into your cum dumpster to lay a deposit.
by Toady January 02, 2004

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Your anus - usually emits a musty smell.
I slipped in the shower and the shampoo bottle went up my fudge knot.
by Toady November 10, 2004

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A mixture of spasmatic, stupid, and flidicious, used as a derogotary term for another individual.
Timmy: Dad, I broke this vase...
Father: Ohhh Timmy... you're such a spasmastupiflid!
by Toady December 20, 2004

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The least time you would ever entertain going down on a woman!
Having a quite spiffing time playing round then all of a sudden like a vulcano your covered in strawbery jam and cream! nice! gives a new meaning to the word strawberys and cream......
by toady April 06, 2004

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