The 4th finger, between the middle finger & the pinky finger. On the right hand, it's where an engagement ring is worn. On the left hand it's where the wedding ring is worn.
Supposedly there's a vein from the ring finger directly to the heart! Hence that's where engagement & wedding rings are worn.
by Starchylde June 6, 2016
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the finger that doesn't go in any hole
dude I'm so sad my ring finger doesn't get any action
by thot#_killer October 15, 2018
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Definition 1. The Ring Finger is the fourth digit of the human hand located between the middle and little fingers. The Ring Finger is used for wearing of Wedding Rings.

Definition 2. The Ring Finger refers to any digit on the right or left hand (but not the thumb) use to provide finger based stimulation to the anal Oring of a sexual partner during anal play.
Example 1: Sara was so excited to be engaged. She was showing everyone the new rock on her Ring Finger.

Example 2: Sara enjoys it when Carl fingers her asshole. Her preference is for him to use his long, middle finger as his Ring Finger. But she will take any digit she can get when that booty is up and arched from her organic spread.
by Eaton Holgoode April 22, 2015
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means that he has too many hoes but fucks none
imma take a selfie with my ring finger down

but that means u get 0 pussy
by omak.3ala.beta3y May 11, 2022
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The gay ring finger is the middle finger on the right hand. It is symbolic for the right hand because guys do have the right to enter into marriage or civil union. The middle finger represents a sentiment reflected to those that oppose it. As opposed to the traditional left hand/ring finger of heterosexual marriage,it US uniquely for proud gay people.
Are they gay,their wedding bands are on their middle fingers?
Yeah,that’s the gay ring finger.
by lambshund June 26, 2018
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Like the middle finger, except giving the ring finger is just another way of saying, "I'm married." Showing the ring on your finger.
Dale: Dude, some lady asked me to go to dinner tonight!

Bob: Nice dude, what'd you say!?

Dale: Nothing, I just gave her the ring finger and walked away!

Bob: must LIKE giving the ring finger...
by TheBEANBEANBEAN January 5, 2011
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