A spliff where just one strip of pure tabacco is hidden in between the weed in a joint. It can be placed at any point in the joint during the rolling process and serves as a method to sneak attack yourself or those smoking with a heavy chop.
“Wow, I think i hit the checkpoint guys”
by Lamarscrodom November 3, 2018
When a person really has to shit and he builds up pressure inside, then just when he feels like he is about to explode... he lets out a pressure relieving fart, which gives him about an extra 30 minutes until the pressure is built up again.
Riva: "cant you hold it?"
Riva: "okay lets go to the bathroom then"
Justin: *extensive fart*
Justin: "Nevermind - I just reached a checkpoint."
by Tobshe August 11, 2010
noun. Somewhere you had many memories, and you go back to fresh up those moments.
verb. to go back to the place where you had many memories to fresh up those moments.
Hey, we six are here. Why don't we checkpoint the coconut wall?
by parquet52 October 25, 2020
Checkpoint confidence is the feeling of safety you get after earning a checkpoint in a video game, that ups your tendency to do risky things now that you know you won't lose your last bit of hard earned progress if you are immediately killed.
"Why are you suddenly rushing them, Gavin? You'll die!"

"Yeah well I have checkpoint confidence right now."
by GhostOfRedditPast January 30, 2020
An "IP Checkpoint" is when the woman you're about have sex with whips around, reveals themselves to in fact be a man, and shoots a load in your face. The term was coined as a nod to the well-known fact that many Iraqi Police are corrupt and likely to betray you.
John: "So I wanted to go munting last night but got back too late, so I went down to the CAC to chill and met this fine looking woman. We started talking and then she invited me back to her room. So we head back to her room, she turns down the lights, we're making out, her chin's a little scratchy but you know how some women are, things are going great and she tells me she wants me to take her from behind and I'm thinking to myself "whoa, straight to anal, that's something" but I'm up for it. So she puts her hands up on the window and sticks her ass out and I'm thinking "Damn, too bad E isn't here or we could have a David Copperfield" and then she suddenly whips around and blasts me in the face with a load of baby batter!Dude pulled an IP checkpoint! I haven't been that suprised since that Spiderwoman last week. I guess I should have stuck to my plans and gone munting."
by Einbahnstrasse January 13, 2010
What one does in a portion of a video game that is so difficult, the only option is to scream and make a run for the nearest checkpoint.
Gamer 1: "Hey, how did you get passed the Ishimura in Dead Space 2?"

Gamer 2: "Oh, I couldn't beat it, so I just did a Checkpoint Sprint"

Gamer 1: "Noob"
by Twisted_Sith January 28, 2011
Officious, overbearing (usually) female point of sale attendee who is lacking in empathy and demonstrates poor judgement.
I really needed my mandatory medication and the frickin’ checkpoint chick decided she was more powerful and important than my medical wellbeing (the nanny state in action).
by BoujeeBunny July 12, 2020