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In Viz comic's Profanosaurus, it was defined rather elegantly as 'he who hoes at the pink allotment'
This constitutes culpable discrimination against those who hoe at the pink allotment
by philip June 09, 2004

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a funnier way to pronounce n*gger. i heard on chappelles show
Dave Chappelle - They shoulda never gave you naggers money!
by Philip May 20, 2005

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Release is when you have reached the point of orgasm and "release" your sperm from the tip of your erect penis.
im about to realease... ahhhh
by Philip April 21, 2005

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In British English, a type of floury soft bread roll, a bit like a hamburger bun. Used affectionately to describe breasts.
She's got splendid baps.
by philip June 09, 2004

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An implication to that an essay, for example, does not have to be 20 pages long if it's full of bullshit. Rather a short high-quality essay than a useless high-quantity essay.
Remember class, Quality over quantity on this paper. There's no need to write a long paper if it's filled with pointless sentences.
by philip December 08, 2003

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To beat someone, as you would a mule that did not belong to you. Without hesitancey.
Bitch, I'm gonna beat you like a rented Mule.
by Philip September 12, 2003

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a subgenre of tokusatsu which features a team of multicolored clad heroes usually (but not always) five in number.First official sentai is 1975's GORANGER. Super Sentai is further defined as sentai with giant robots, which began with 1979's BATTLE FEVER J. Since 1993, Saban has been importing Toei's sentai programs and adapting them for American audiences as Power Rangers.
We are the Dai Sentai Goggle Five!
by Philip January 05, 2004

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