Not paying attention to something. "A particularly dull and inattentive student."
"I was disappointed by the food and the inattentive service."
by 4Ace January 15, 2018
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A person who is excessively and compulsively needy of their own space and a level of complete social and workplace isolation that is almost mind boggling to well-adjusted humans.
He had grown up completely alone, practically raised by wolves, and had evolved into a full-blown inattention whore by the ripe age of 18.
by Dr Bunnygirl October 12, 2019
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The official reason the chicken crossed the road.
After years of intense psychotherapy, the road's psychoanalyst penned his conclusive diagnosis "the chicken unknowingly committed a grave error, transitting from its permitted location to an unsanctioned area, pathologically and permanently violating the delicate psyche of the highly sensitized patient, because it was perceived as an inconsiderate act and extremely inattentive to the Road's needs. Alas, the patient is destined to be similarly crossed by many, if not most, of those it may expect to encounter in the future."
by texlex61 January 29, 2009
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John Mak loves to say this. if you you drink water, you inattentive in class. if you go to toilet, you inattentive in class. if you are octopus, you inattentive in class.
student A:idk how to do this homework, teach me!!!

student B: ohhhhhh you inattentive in class omfg
by fat tam-tam October 27, 2020
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