a smooth way to tell someone fuck no
hey you wanna go to the clay aiken concert? yeah no
by Tivo December 13, 2004
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A phrase that people now use to start sentences for some goddamn reason.
"Yeah no, I'd love to go commit suicide with you this afternoon. See you at 3!"
by Sebastian Gorkamorka April 3, 2008
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a Midwestern phrase that means "no" as opposed to the phrase "no yeah" which is a Midwestern phrase meaning "yes"
by billybattleaxe August 22, 2019
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a contradictory statement that essentially means "yes, you are correct, but you're an asshole."
Yeah no, me and Meg did go to the Garnets game, but we also threw rocks at philly.
by Matthew A December 22, 2008
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a yeah no that has no idea
When you ask him his name he says yeah no!
by crockcrocman August 19, 2011
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one of the most awesome creative bands that ever existed, with the hipest chicest lead singer ever. Karen O. is the queen of cool.
I saw the band in concert and karen threw her water bottle at my head.
by Elisabeth Sherman November 25, 2004
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