Term used to direct the blame of something bad somewhere else
"The vending machine is out of blueberry Pop-Tarts!"
"Corporate America!"

"I got an F on the test."
"Corporate America, I'm telling you..."
by dylan-o November 18, 2006
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Quanta's debut album, and a song by the same name. The album attacks capitalism and Mr. Bush, along with corporate America (no surprise there), the electoral college, and the two-party system. Also attacks the many dumb Americans who don't question authority and those who believe everything they hear. Songs range from hillarious (Salute, Oxymoron, Letters, Doodle) to serious (Corporate America, American Dream My Ass, Last One Picked)to sad (Dream Come False, Falling Down, Last One Picked is sad too.) The album has good songs to listen to no matter what mood you're in.
This is America
Corporate America
The place where only the rich count
This is fucking America
Yeah fuck America
Why do they get to be paramount?
by Where's the cream filling? November 11, 2004
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Somebody who works nine to five in a suit and tie and only does it because they get paid.
I am sick of school. I am just going to get a business degree and become a corporate america bot.
by Rolex Jr. September 22, 2007
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The voice that you use with customers/clients in the workplace. It's always amicable, with heavy use of upward inflections. The term was coined by Donnell Rawlings in his comedy act "From Ashy to Classy".
Say you work at a pizza place, and you're pissed off. Then a customer calls. Despite your anger, you will talk to that customer with an upward inflection, kiss their ass, and be almost overly friendly. The call ends. You've just utilized your corporate america voice. You can now go back to being grouchy, saying mean things about the customers who deserve it, and swearing profusely.
by R. Cal February 28, 2012
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