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The excuse Americans assume will let them get what they want, especially when they are in another country.
Little do they know, most people don't think America's the world, or does American citizenship have anything to their concern.
1. "Don't shoot! I'm an American citizen!"

2. "Sorry sir, this man was before you in line."
"But you don't seem to understand; I'm an American citizen!"

3. "We'll surely be allowed in there; We're american citizens!"
"What does that have any importance here in England?"
by weird fish July 25, 2009
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What you become when you come into this country legally. Opposite Illegal alien, which is what you become when you come into this country illegally.
My parents' grandparents came over to the United States in the the 1800's. They did it legally so they became American Citizens.

Juan, Cecilia, Paco, Fransisco, Mauricio, Benita, Maria, Esteban, Julio, Gloria and Pedro went through a serious of tunnels and crossed the US border underground. Now they all live in a 1 bedroom apartment. They are illegal immigrants.
by coolbreeze822 February 05, 2017
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Not to be confused with U.S. citizen, an American citizen is a person who is a citizen of (one or some of) the fifty states of America.
I am an American citizen, born in Minnesota and living in California.
by Jon Davis January 14, 2004
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