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A person who is interested in basically bribing, without actually doing so, US Congressmen. Go against the principles of the Constitution because it makes the Senators and Representatives represent people other than their constituents. Take away the citizen's voice by making Congressmen more concerned with corporate fatcat profits rather than the good of the people.
"The lobbyist tried to get the Senator to pass the bill by buying him a hooker, but the Senator turned out to be gay, so the bill failed."
by commiebobo March 20, 2009
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A book written by Philip K. Dick, that was later turned into an animated movie of the same name. Follows the story of a undercover drug detective who ends up getting hooked on the drugs he's fighting. His sacrifice, however, uncovers the terrible truth about an agency that provides drug addicts safe-houses to get off the drug. Fantastic book and great movie. The book is better though. The story was inspired by the 1970s drug culture that Dick participated in. It's dedicated to dozens of his friends that died or were crippled by drug use.
A scanner darkly is a freaky story, makes drugs sound very unappealing.
by commiebobo September 22, 2009
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When two or more stoners get together and see who can smoke more pot. In other words, who'll get "baked" first.
Dude, Mike totally dominated us all at the bake off last night. He smoked about an ounce of chronic and didn't even act stoned when we went to McDonalds for munchies.
by commiebobo December 27, 2008
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A friend who only wants to hang out when he/she is in a good mood. They say that they'd rather not make their friends unhappy, and use this as an excuse to break off engagements on a moment's notice if his/her mood changes.
I was planning to hang out with Mike today, but he's such a fair weather friend that he called me five minutes before he was supposed to show up and canceled because he said he's feeling down.
by commiebobo November 27, 2009
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A company that is considered too important to allow to go bankrupt, and ends up sucking on the lifeblood of the United States (aka its money). Members of zombie companies are permitted to take bonuses of any size, thus contributing to the general blood sucking.
"AIG used to be an egg. Now its hatched and has become a zombie company."
by commiebobo March 20, 2009
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