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A euphemism for increasing your taxes to decrease taxes on those wealthier than you.
We need tax reform so billionaires can keep more of their ill gotten gains . Sincerely, D.T.
by wizzbang56 November 6, 2017
The current economic/political system in the United States in which whoever can pay the best lobbyist can skew (and screw) the laws and economic system to their own benefit.It is an extremely corrupted form of capitalism in which the labor of many benefit the fewest possible.
Occupy Wall Street is actually a show of disatisfaction with the current economic system of lobbyistism.
by wizzbang56 October 12, 2011
A very dangerous maneuver in the rest of the country where most people run the red light (claiming it was still 'orange'). In the rest of the country remember when you come to a green light to stop and look both ways.
Only a Steelers fan would do a Pittsburgh Left at that intersection.
by wizzbang56 February 8, 2011