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A person who tunes ANY type of vehicle.
(Can be anything from a Honda s200 to a 1970 Dodge Charger) This breed of human lives, eats, and dreams cars. This person does performance mods BEFORE apperance mods, unlike the ricer.
Ricer: Your're such a ricer!
Tuner: You wanna drag race to see who is the real ricer?
Ricer: Okay

Not only does the tuner leave the ricer in the dust, but at the finish line, he's doing doughnuts ad burnouts.
by Agent Smith September 10, 2004

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Short for "Loaf of Bread", which is Cockney rhyming slang for "Head".
Loaf of bread? Head..See?
"Use your loaf!" Translates as: Think about it!" "Use your head!" "Don't be stupid!"
by Agent Smith May 24, 2003

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One of John Singleton's best movies. The story was about the life of a boy named Tre (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and his friends growing up in Compton. This was Cuba Gooding's debut. This movie included actors like Ice Cube (yeah, he counts as an actor and rapper), Morris Chesnut, Lawrence Fishburne, Angela Basset,Nia Long, and many others. Famous for starting the phrase We got a problem, nigga?
Tom thought he could survive in Compton, until he saw Boyz in the Hood. Now he is listening to Nickelback.
by Agent Smith November 07, 2004

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The idiot's way of spelling necrophiliac. This means someone who has sex with dead bodies, like Edgar Allen Poe
Man:I just met a necraphiliac
Girl:It's necrophiliac *kicks guy in the sack*
by Agent Smith October 08, 2004

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Someone who isn't just sexy because of their outward appearence, but sexy on the inside. The kind of of person who actally gives a sh!t about their freind's feelings.
Austin W. is the ultimate sexy beast, not just because of his looks, but for his attitude too.
by Agent Smith October 24, 2004

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A parent poser is someone (usually male) who acts like they are there for there children when they are not. They are usually the kind of parent that has 5 children so they could go on welfare. They use there children to their advantage.
A mother has 6 children (on purpose) to go on welfare. The children have nothing to eat but Ramen Noodles and wear tattered clothes, while the mother is driving a new SUV with 30 inch spinning rims.
by Agent Smith September 10, 2004

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This is a "mask" that a person wears when they have been thoroughly beaten to the point where there whole face is covered in blood.
In Rocky 4, Apollo Creed was wearing the crimson mask before he died.
by Agent Smith September 07, 2004

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