The stench given off by a burp by a man who has a yeast infection in his mouth from eating out a babe
Zore burped and gave out a loaf of bread because he oral lloydenthed that broad named Destiny without using a condom in Ft. Myers.
by queer trier March 29, 2009
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When a cat lays on its stomach and tucks its feet and tail beneath it so that they cannot be seen (appearing to look like a loaf of bread)
"Carly's too in love with her cat. Whenever it sits on its legs, she cries out, 'Aww, look at the loaf of bread!'"
by Katherine Bennett February 28, 2008
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When a cat is lying around with all of their paws under their body and their tail wrapped around their side, so their body and head are the only things showing.
by Logan Burke May 20, 2008
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If you hold a loaf of bread tightly, you will damage it. The term refers to holding the ball LIGHTLY as you would a LOAF OF BREAD, which means it can be easily dislodged from the player.
"To avoid a fumble, running backs should grip the ball tightly and not like a loaf of bread"
by SwimUpRiver November 24, 2015
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The way TV sports announcers, usually following a fumble, describe a football player's style of holding the ball, when he has it in one hand away from his body. It's ridiculous because no one has ever actually seen anyone hold a loaf of bread that way, but they say it every time anyway.
No wonder he fumbled. Look how he was carrying it out there like a loaf of bread.
by Ooooooya January 20, 2011
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Someone with a large, over proportioned forehead, making their tall head look like a loaf of bread. Short hair or a receding hairline can make this look worse. Shortened to LOBH.
For example Ant Mcpartlin has a Loaf of Bread Head. "look at Laurence's head, its so big" "your'e right, it kinda looks like a Loaf of Bread" "yeh, he's got a LOBH"
by Sir Colgan III March 14, 2011
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