Son of a bitch that invented school

Fuck you, school sucks
"Hey you know who invented school?"
"Uhh no"
"It was a retard named Horace Mann"
"Don't know who he is but fuck him"
by GoodBoyWalter June 8, 2020
The asshole who invented school
fuck him and his relatives
Smart Kid: I like Horace Mann because he invented school.
Everyone: Fuck you, no wonder no one likes you.
by urbanballs February 25, 2021
If I have a time machine, I would travel back to the past and shit on Horace Mann's hair.
Shit, just fuck him, fuck fuck fuck Horace Mann
by despertk December 10, 2021
The dum man who made school just to torture kids. So parents could leave there kids and have fun.
School and Horace Mann is gay.
by School Boy arab man 50 April 8, 2018
Some fucking dickhead that really thought it would be a good idea to invent a living shithole, fuck him .
" I think Horace Mann was a great man"

Fuck you and your opinion I hope you step on a land mine
by SwearvyxBandz November 24, 2021