A chatroom synomym for the word "like", or "like it" while also sounding cute. Also used in RL. Origionated from an sparrow accent used in the anthropomorphic series, "RedWall"
P1: read my article
P2: Woh!
P1: u likee?
P2: Its teh sweet!
by Desalora June 8, 2007
a word used after every sentence.
in the urban community...
holla at me like...
woah likee...
i thought u was cummin likee...
by mamaataalah... May 4, 2009
kockney slang,covers wide range of feelings and emotions in one word,if you don't know, then you don't know likee,basic bristish bla for yea-ERR!,If you ain't from england don't use dar word
You know likee,typical brixton boot boys basic bla-hagg,
Where you only like someone because you want to like someone.
The lonely guy, wanting to find love, like-like liked the ugly old woman.
by Aleph Daylabutliker January 4, 2010
Like like is more then liking as a friend, yet different then a crush. Its a step above a crush, and a step below love.
"Dude, Jenna so like likes Tom!"
"I do not like like David, I just like him."
"So... do you like like me, or just like me?"
by dorkwad March 20, 2003
Where you more than like like someone, but you don't say you love them. Like like like is a sign of a relationship going somewhere.
Wow, did you see that she smiled so much around him? She must really like like like him.
by Palroonie September 4, 2017
Essentially, "liking" something on facebook that you don't actually have sincere interest in.

Some do it to fit in by liking what popular people liked.

Some do it to reinforce in everyone's minds that the he/she is, indeed, friends with the poster of the status.*

Some do it to make sure everyone knows that he/she was a part of the inside joke in the status.*

Some do it to create the illusion that he/she was a part of the inside joke in the status.*

*You can interchange 'status' and 'picture'.
Examples of Liking to be Liked:

One, Two, and Three alllll liked Four's status, so I did too.

Five's status was nothing special, but I liked it because I wanted to make sure everyone knows I know her and I'm tight with her.

Six made her status about all the drinks we had, but she didn't name names, so I made sure everyone knows I was the one she had drinks with (in case anyone is unsure I drink) by liking it.

One of Seven's statuses was about her and Eight drinking, and even though I wasn't there, I had to make sure everyone knows I do like to drink (in case anyone doesn't know I'm hardcore) so I liked it.
by Nick D. Howard September 9, 2010