What some people might consider a horse smiley is actually a depiction of a man's reproductive organs, & when used incorrectly, it leads to a lot of confusion & discomfort.
Person: Hey there, buddy! 8=D
Other Guy: Dude, what the hell? Why'd you make that emoticon?
Person: It's a horse smiley, right?
Other Guy: No. No it is not. It is a penis.
Person: ...
Person: Oops.
by Salty Doodle July 26, 2017
I though it was a smiley face. I used it everywhere. Now I'm banned from lots of forums. =(
Me: I'm so happy! 8=D

Admin: Why, you like penis? *BANNZOR*
by Meijer's! July 20, 2005
An extremely small penis or chode, with an enormous head but small balls
Girl: You want to come over tonight?
Guy: Sure my 8=D is ready
Guy: Omg sry I meant 8==========D
by TheWeedWalker69 November 5, 2015
Pretty much the universal symbol for dick. But it can be ok through parents if you say it means smile.
1.Hey baby can't wait to see your 8=D -dick
2. Hey can't wait to see your 8=D -smile
by Big Nutz79 November 28, 2015
A penis
other examples:
"i told him 8=D was a math problem and wrote it all over his book and he was fine with it. What a dumbass!"
by trayvaughn deshauvenston March 20, 2005
A delighted gentleman with sunglasses on his head.

That, or a very unhappy gentleman who isn't very well-endowed.
1. Look at my cool shades! 8=D

2. My penis is so small. : 8=D
by veXxv July 29, 2006
Person: 8=D
Someone else: I am so offended, don't you know I'm Jewish?
by herpity derpty August 29, 2014