A BDB is a “big dick baller”. The acronym was made on the YouTube podcast “Pour Minds” by Lex P and Drea Nicole.
Girl 1: I was at the car wash and found me a BDB
Girl 2: You always get the dudes with money
by Cherriblxssxm June 15, 2021
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Standing at the urinal, Clint Baker, (BDB) says this water sure is cold.
by The Carolina Cock January 14, 2022
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"Big dick bastard". A term originating from the roots UC Berkeley. A certain, well-endowed individual who goes by the name "Danny".
10.23.06 - BDB became erect, instantly crushing five. Ensuing "flood" resulted in a dozen more casualties.
- Wu

Damn, look at that BDB nigga!

That bitch is all over the BDB tonight.
by hamhamsam December 1, 2006
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Me: I wasn't sure if I was drowning in the pool or not. I jst started panicking because I was freaking out. Lmao
Friend: Well you got us cracking up BDB
by CPM159 January 26, 2014
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A bdb refers to a person who obsesses over having a giant cock. He goes around considering himself the big dick bandit.

However, the truth behind the BDB is that he is a bandit who steals big dicks.

A BDB is usually always a male with an aggressive manly name such as Bronson or any other name in that category.
Dude that guy is such a BDB, he thinks he has a huge 13 inch dick but thats all he steals.
by The BDB August 8, 2010
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