A brand of beer-flavored water
Beer Drinker #1: This beer is old, Man. It tastes like all the flavor sank to the bottom of the bottle.

Beer Drinker #2: It isn't old, Dude, it's Miller Lite.
by williamtheconqerorworm January 16, 2011
one of the best, cheap beers out there.
id give my friend a miller lite, but hes a redneck and only drinks bud lite.
by Velocifero July 18, 2005
By far the most foul tasting beer out there; a disgrace to light beers.
Dude #1- "Hey man, wanna get drunk?"
Dude #2- "Hell yes, lets get shitfaced."
Dude #1- "Sweet! I've got some frosty Miller Lites in the cooler."
Dude #2- "Oh, I'll have a soda instead."
by azrich April 18, 2009
Arguably the most overrated beer in the world.
Taste no better than Busch but cost more.
Dude1: Hey lets get some good beer tonight, Lets get Miller Lite.

Dude2: Fuck that Miller Lite sucks, lets get something else.

Dude1: But it won all those world beer cups, it must be good.

Dude2: Yeah because Miller Lite is overrated.
by someguy55 May 31, 2008
If I had to decide between goat piss and miller lite, I'm going with the goat piss.
by joemammy September 4, 2016
The worst beer known to man. Can be seen being drunk almost exclusively by rednecks.
Hey Cletus, pass me a miller lite before I have sex with my sister.
by Um...Joe October 1, 2004
Best damn brew on the planet period. Nothing hits the spot like a cold Miller lite on a hot day. There is nothing that I would rather be caught with in my hand with the exception of an MGD.

Miller Lite is sick ass and takes the back seat to nobody.
Hey jonny i'm a poor bum. All I can eat on this budget is lakeport and cans of beans.

Well sir I drink Miller lite because I like to look like a dope ass hustler.
by Russ Hamilton June 6, 2006