liking the feeling of holding piss.. beciase the “butterfly’s” or the “heartbeat
what do you like?

piss.. i have piss kink”
by your fav describer April 10, 2021
A kink where a person gets sexually aroused by piss
piss comes out of the same fucking hole as semen does, so it makes since why some people have a piss kink
by Dubiks December 22, 2018
it’s a fucking problem. but it’s when someone likes getting pissed on or pissing on someone else during sex
girl: AHHH AhhhHhhhhaaa ahhhAaa
guy: could i piss on u?
girl: what?……
plot twist the guy has a piss kink
oh my god piss is so hot, i think i might have a piss kink
by iheartmilfs727262727227 May 17, 2021