The standard unit of resistance offered to current flow by a conductor, used in electricity calculations.

Also see Ohm`s law.
For copper wire resistance is 2-100 ohms, but for a piece of wood it is over 1000 ohms.
by Jai Shri Ram May 30, 2005
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skeeting. usually done on someones face or hair.
Oh my god did he seriously just ohm in your face?!
by ya hurr?! November 8, 2006
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to hand someone the win in a game of uno, despite knowing what (type of) card that person has.

(to) ohm it.
He/she/it/they is/was ohming it.
He/she/it/they ohmed it.

Named after the popular gaming youtuber Ohmwrecker, who is known for doing this.
Person 1: “You knew he had a green! Why did you play that? You gave him the win!“
Person 2: “Yeah! You always ohm it!
by Nympheias March 4, 2019
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The electrically discharged sound that one makes while in real deep meditation.
"Ohm . . ." (Meditating, floating)
by Oxxy_Montalvy December 3, 2016
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Ohm is the best friend in the world to have, he helps you out when you need he is no other than the one and only ohm he is kind caring and amazing friend he is a priceless friend and you would not want to lose him if you lose him its like losing your life
by BOBA TEA" June 13, 2019
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Similar to getting owned or pwned, but having to deal with computer problems or needing a co-worker's help during business hours and they are not there.
I was told I needed a software upgrade and the next morning I could not print, access my emails nor connect to the internet. I went to the boss and let him know I got "ohmed".
by unarmed_seagull August 20, 2008
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