a huge dip/chaw just one extremely big packed lip full of spitting tobacco
Con: man did you see that kids lipper?
Chewy: yeah man, it was alright, i've done way bigger
by mtown7 November 3, 2009
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I'm going to hang me a lipper.

Hey can I bum a lipper out of your tin?
by J.D. Longest October 17, 2003
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noun. Two pounds sterling (GBP). May be used to denote denominational value, but usually refers to the physical two pound coin.
Twelve quid, eh? Hey, Ross, can you front me a lipper? All I have's a ten pound note.
by woze October 20, 2008
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A stupid sub-human life form that can't walk normal or sit indian style. The term is usually used as an insult.
That guy is such a lipper
by dfasd January 7, 2004
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fatty tobacco dips straight to the lower jaw.
John: What are you doing after football practice?

Drew: Just takin' some lippers to the dome.
by Woobers September 25, 2008
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A lipper is when a female gets a boner and her vagina lips harden" .
A female version of boner. Example " my sister Adeline got a Lipper over Justin Bieber " .
by Daxton$$$$$$ November 27, 2016
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