Similar to doggie style and froggie style indian style is a position where a well endowed guy sits "indian style" (more properly called Native American style or First Nations' style) while the chick poll dances for the money shot. This position was first made famous in the non-disney spoofed film 'Pokeahotass'.
If I had a big daddy dick I'd do a girl indian style while I was driving down I-75.
by Tom B. September 12, 2006
the position that you take when you are extremly scared
Your home alone all night for the first time. Last nights newspaper talked about a robber in the city. You walk out in to the kitchen while the floor creeks so loud its hard to hear yourself think. The shadow on the frige looks like a weird old man. Your cat runs through the living room. You get so scared you sit right down in indian style and start to cry.
by thaditzyslut08 February 7, 2005
The act of laying passed out in a gutter. This stems from the stereotype that Native Americans have a low tolerance for alcohol, and a high rate of alcoholism.
Steve McKenna had too much Jack Daniel's. Now he's in front of the bar sitting Indian style.
by Biermann Z January 21, 2011
Where a female sits on a face of her lover, with the lover's nose in the vagina like a sybian, while she bounces up and down on the lover's lips which are shaped like a circle. As her butt bounces on her lover's lips and makes an Indian stereotypical battle cry.
The pressure of her butt coming down on the lips making the sound of an Indian battle cry. Therefore called Indian-style.
by job26 October 29, 2011
When you run into the bathroom to take a shit, and reach for the toilet paper to find nothing. So you proceed to turn on the tub or sink faucet, jam your ass against it and wash out your asshole with water and your hand as if you were in India.

Remember to use your left hand...
You might wanna clean the tub before you take a bath, you used up all the toilet paper so I had to take an indian style shit.
by LongRod_VonHugendong March 20, 2010
A blow job giving in a hallway while sitting indian style being thrusted apon from the top... also known as gettin a LIZ from umd
yo i looked through my peep hole and this chick was sittin indian style sucken some dick.. called it a indian style blowjob
by 7270 October 10, 2008