coke and weed, in a blunt, pipe whatever
"I smoke chwey like a motherfuckin nut, you got a gram bag get the zags and roll 'er up"
by Nistrams420 April 24, 2004
by Spyder Mayhem August 16, 2005
A chewy is another term for brain, or a blowjob, the process of sucking a males's penis
Danielle gave Billy a major chewy.
by Summertah Pop! May 11, 2009
Chewy; noun: a drug consisting of grounded up weed (shake) and cocaine. you can smoke it from a pipe or roll it in a blunt, spliff or joint.
"This chewy got me paranoid and goin kinda scared
Niggaz startin to know my face so I had to cut my hair"

"I smoke chewy like a muthafuckin' nut
ya got a gram bag get the zags an' roll 'er up"

Andre Nickatina (coke fiend, great rapper)
by xander Fischer September 9, 2007
When your butt is eating your underwear.
After a wedgie, you have a chewy. Or when it just happens because your shorts/swimsuit rides up into your butt crack.

Don't just let your butt feast on your underwear for all to see... pick your chewy already!
by pissymiss July 25, 2012
Pretty🤞🏾🔗Chewy Is Smart And A Great Friend. Always Ready To FIGHT
Chewy Is Amazing
by Chewy June 24, 2018