An Adeline is a soft and gorgeous creature with a fresh personality. They typically have overwhelming confidence and hope, and knows how to plan. Adeline's are very affectionate to basically everyone.

All in all, if you need someone warm and beautiful and positive in your life, find an Adeline.
Person1: Who was the girl who just gave me a hug?
Person2: Oh, that's Adeline.

Person1: Ohhhh, I figured.
by MoiMoiMotherfucker February 27, 2016
An Adeline is an amazingly awesome creature. Adelines are known for their fabulous majestic ways. They're loud, and fun, and they don't care what other people think about them. That's what makes them so great to be around. An Adeline is beautiful. And can do awesome-sauce things. But an Adeline is also a hard core person who doesn't take crap from anyone and could easily rip your guts out! An Adeline is just an over all super person.
"Did you see that girl living behind Walmart?"
"yeah, what a weirdo."
"I don't know dude, she looked like a straight up Adeline"
"Wow, I think you're right! We she go hang out with her!"
"Yeah! maybe her awesomeness will rub off on us,"
*Frolics off into the sunset with the Adeline*
by pancakes of the future August 3, 2015
adeline, also known as the OG savage, is the most beautiful goddess on this here planet earth. she reigns above all, except God because he's 1% more perfect which shocks everyone. she is every guy's dream and they all wanna be with her and she has so many options she just "can't even". those named adeline only like tall, dark, and handsome lads, which ends up breaking most peasants hearts.

WARNING: remember to treat anyone with the name adeline like a princess or they'll be sure to skin you.
I knew i was involve the minute i saw adeline walk into the room like an OG Savage Goddess.
by OGsavage123 October 29, 2015
Adeline's are usually a little crazy, and they aren't afraid to show it. If they are an Aries, beware - Aries Adelines tend to be hard on people they don't like, but close to friends and (sometimes) family. Betrayal is not usually in Adeline's nature, but if the relationship is toxic, they will drop you like a hot potato. Watch out for angry Adelines.
Person 1: "Have you seen Adeline lately?"
Person 2: "No, they're mad at me, I'm staying away from her for now..."
by Non-binary Savage April 23, 2019
Adeline is a synonym for awesomeness, nice, cool, the best and gorgeous.
Adeline’s are super friendly with the ones they like and know how to burn enemies (not literally)
I know an Adeline. She is nice, loves to mess around and just the best
Person one: hey dude Adeline just burned me so bad!
Other dude: how?
Person one: I went, hows soccer you bi**h and she went: better than you big sh1t
by Lionblaze! December 20, 2020
Adeline is another word for awesome, nice, beautiful, lovely, cool and the best
Adeline’s are nice with everyone they like, but they are quite ferocious when it comes to enemies. They can burn (not literally) easyly
Guys, I know an Adeline, she’s the best friend you could ask for, so go ahead and meet some Adeline’s!
Dude1: Adeline just burned me so bad
Dude2: how?
Dude1: I said; how’s school bit**, and she said better than you idiot
Dude2: holly guacamole
by Lionblaze! December 21, 2020
An Adeline is a girl with a long hair and a sweet smile. Adelines have soft fairy-like voices, and when they giggle they leave a trail of sparkles. But don't cross an Adeline because they have a terrible temper and one look can turn you to stone. An adeline is the opposite of a Roxy.
Whoa that chick had a total adeline smile.
Matt's girlfriend is such a Roxy. He should have gone for that Adeline.
by chickstuff February 19, 2010