A lazy person who hangs around during setup or soundcheck for a gig and doesn't do anything useful. A backstage hanger-on. Originally British rock and roll slang.
Man, those liggers are in the way! Somebody call security!
by Ivan O. January 9, 2014
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Derogatory description of an individual who enjoys partaking in long sessions of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) known as League of Legends.
"Bro I'm not trying to play anything else besides League today, gotta grind for my lp."
"Dude quit being such a ligger."
by Toonmasta December 6, 2019
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An annoying teachers pet typically named Liam. They are the type of people who clap when the plane lands, remind the teacher of homework after she forgot, cover their test answers, and more.
Liam is such a ligger.
by Vinel Season June 18, 2021
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A racail slur for a left handed person, they often smell bad
A:dude I didn't know you were a lefty
B: yea man I've been lefty my whole life
A: hey teacher, can I switch seats. I can't focus next to this ligger. He smells horrible!
Teacher: don't use the L word in my class!
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Lithuanian niggers, like wigger is white nigger, ligger is lithuanian nigger
that foreign mother fucker is one ugly ligger
by Tito Beltran August 15, 2005
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the racial slur towards lizard people equivalent to nigger. mostly used in games that allows users to be a lizard human. popularized in games like Space Station 13. often used when a player who uses the lizard specie option is doing something disgusting such as replacing his tail with a sword, or speaking too many s.
get this Ligger out of here, those cold blooded reptiles is not welcomed here in this bar.
by Janitor Bobby October 8, 2021
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Music slang. Origin obscure, but has been in use since the 1970's

A person who blags their way into parties, or back stage at music events just to get free food and drinks, and to bore their friends stupid with stories of 'how they met David Coverdale,' or 'hung out with members of Led Zeppelin.
"I went back stage at the recent Deep Purple gig, but didn't meet the band cos there was 200 other liggers in the way"
by Black Flag May 20, 2007
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