Shorthand for people in a position of high authority (usually politics) that are so disingenuous, machiavellian, and detached from the plight of common people that it's almost like they belong to another conspiring, self-serving race entirely.
"Once again, we must choose between two candidates chosen by our lizard people overlords."
by JuanDoesNotSimply August 16, 2016
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If they ever figure out that you know, they'll kill you.
Shush! Keep your voice down! Do you want the lizard people to hear you?
by TastyNuclearWaste October 19, 2015
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Lizard People, is the dumbest belief known to man...where people actually belive that because someone licks their lips or does something strange (like many people do) are obviously of lizard origin and want to take us over and rule us.
Me: The dude that made a post about president bush being a lizard people is so retarded.
Dude: DUDE!
Me: What??
Dude: That was me! Your a frigin lizard! ur trying to defend em.
Me: No actually your just a stupid dumbass who needs to get a girl.
by Hightension January 16, 2008
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Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of face book but he looks like a lizard and people that look like that are lizard people
by Dooy December 1, 2019
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Those who willfully or knowingly operate in the world using the lowest order and least evolved brain function. Generally disregarding rational thought and cooperative mammalian society in preference of self-centered survival and base pleasure seeking.
Even though they call for party unity and a strong America, the GOP and it's supporters are actually rugged individualist lizard people who reject an equal and collectively free society.

"That's right I'm an individual who can survive all on my own; it's a free country so I'll do what I want - I'm a lizard person!"
by Earble August 7, 2021
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If you look through the names of prominent people in the past century, you will find them --- be afraid, citizens... be **very** afraid...
Right off the bat, I can think of three examples of lizard people from history with "reptilian" names --- Leo Szilard (sure sounds a lot like "lizard" to me!), Salamander Rushdie, and Newt Gingrich! Dat's all da proof I need dat dey **do** exist and are indeed ruling --- and ruining --- our lives!
by QuacksO October 29, 2018
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A description of a political or other belief held by less than 6% of the population, meaning it is politically nearly irrelevant, and likely either crazy or way ahead of its time. Based on the fact that 6% of Americans believe in lizard people.
"Support for Martin O'Malley is in lizard people territory."

"After 9/11, pointing out that George Bush got our country attacked on his watch was in lizard people territory."
by QuinnMallory September 3, 2015
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