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A form of heavy metal that evolved in continental europe (especially in Germany and Scandinavia) in parallel with and influenced by NWOBHM. Early members of the Euro metal movement were bands like Golden Earing (NL), The Scorpions (D), Jane (D) and Trust (F), but by the mid 1980's had evolved into a distinct brand of thrash metal.
Mercyful Fate (Den), Helloween (D), The Destroyers (Pol), Baron Rojo (Esp) and Bathory (Nor) are all good exapmles of how Euro metal evolved.
by Black Flag June 25, 2004
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NYC rock band formed in 1970 by rock svengalli Sandy Pearlman from the ashes of two other NY bands 'Soft White Under Belly' and 'The Stalk Forest Group' Have released some rather good intelligent rock albums including 'Tyranny and Mutation' (1972)
'Cultosaurus Erectus' (1979) and 'Imaginos' (1989) but are best remembered for their 1976 album 'Agents of Fortune' and its international hit single '(Don't Fear) The Reaper'
Eric Bloom is the lead singer for Blue Oyster Cult
by Black Flag February 5, 2004
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UK slang (London)

To go wrong, to be victims of Murphy's Law. Often heard for the lips of actors in Brit crime flicks and cop shows Origin obscure.
"Bloody Hell it's the sweeny, it's all gone pear shaped"
by Black Flag June 26, 2004
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The inevitable outcome of the oppression of the worlds poor buy the rich few.
"I this age of knowledge
we learn all we can learn
the revolutions coming
the old order will burn"
(J. Wisbey from 'Songs For The New Nations'1995)
by Black Flag May 29, 2004
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Cricketing term

similar to duck, but to be clean bowled by the first ball the batsman faces.
That's the third Golden Duck of his season, and it's only his second game.
by Black Flag June 11, 2004
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A UK public transport company who provide the worse public transport service in the known universe and treat their staff little better than slaves.
I wouldn't work for first bus if they tripled the pay. (which would still be fuck all)
by Black Flag June 3, 2004
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UK slang

A tradesperson, normally a builder, plumber, roofer etc who performs shoddy work at an inflated price.
I paid some cowboy to fix the leak, he charged me 300 quid and I've still got 6 inches of water in my kitchen.
by Black Flag June 2, 2004
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