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If used in a non-political sense, "liberal" simply means "a lot."
I'd like a large popcorn with a liberal amount of butter, please.
by Doc Sigma September 24, 2003
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People who take the little issues and makes the issue explode into a major issue. As seen in extreme cases like Women's marches and anarchism in our own country!
Person 1: There's another protest going on. I bet a liberal started it.

Person 2: Ugh, Liberals make no sense!!
by Trumpstyles February 23, 2017
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A so-called "bad" thing to be before, now and probably in the future. It's been somehow turned into an attack word. What people don't realize is that no kind of progress is made without even an ounce of liberalism in your blood. Civil rights movement? Liberal from MLK Jr. Free speech/checks and balances/etc.? Liberal idea from Enlightenment thinkers. Any kind of new technology? Liberal in the sense that you want to change the existing conditions. Face it. Any kind of change, whether good or bad, is promoted by liberalism.
Ann Coulter: You can not be a liberal and be a Christian.

Conservative sitting at home: WTH am I watching?
by TheOrtonRevolution November 22, 2010
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Pejorative and dismissive term used by self titled patriots to collectively refer to all that is wrong with the world and any individual or group who does not agree with them.
1). Euphemism: frequently applied in instances where the user would prefer to use more derogative racial, religious and class slurs but is afraid to reveal their true beliefs publicly.
2). Political: Applied to all opposing belief systems that do not priorly qualify for inclusion under the definition of pure evil. (See: Other Nations).
3). Religious: applied to groups or individuals that do not demonstratively subscribe to any or all of the holy trinity or Guns, Gold and God. (Refer: Godless Liberals).
4). Education: Applied to anyone who uses words such as demonstratively (Refer: Educated Liberal Elite).
5). Civil rights: Applied to anyone or organisation seeking to restrict the inalienable conservative right to discriminate against, deny liberty to or restrict personal freedoms of those they don’t like, disagree with or fear. (Hist: Afro Americans, Mexicans, Homosexuals).

Rest of World (See: Unamerican)
Liberal: Noun: Individual of liberal views.
Origin Middle English via old French (see: pure evil) from Latin Liberalis, from Liber meaning Free (man).
Mass Noun: Liberality: open to new ideas and free from prejudice.
Verb: Liberalise: Loosen or remove restrictions on a society, economy or political system.
Adjective: Broaden general knowledge; Generous measure or distribution.
President Hussein Obama is a liberal (see uses 1 through 5).

Rest of world.
The US, England and France are liberal democracies.
by Gormful June 07, 2010
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political and world living view that do not leave you confined in a box but allow you to believe in change in policy, freedom, and world change
I believe gay marriage should be legal, this would change mariatal laws- liberal view
by Tony B February 02, 2015
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Someone who believes in affordable health care and education and not letting the poor starve and die.
"Oh you are a liberal so you are evil?"
"Yes I don't want people to starve to death and go bankrupt if they end up in hospital, so I am evil."
by gingerwoman5 June 10, 2017
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