The term used to describe the great chance we have to chose between two assholes who care nothing for the public only for furthering their own careers. Otherwise known as the right to vote.
Women's suffrage came about for the first time in the US in 1788.
by Jim Ignatauski June 24, 2005
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voting rights, what they are and who has them according to different governments and places
a long time ago suffrage didn't include all men having voting rights and no women had any
by k.l.w. December 11, 2008
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to stop the act of having rights.

The right or privilege of voting.
boy: will you sign my petition? it's to end womens suffrage.
girl: no! i'm not going against my gender! faggot.
by glhmtk July 31, 2006
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The pain or unpleasant feeling rich white men experience when women, minorities and poor people are allowed to have rights such as the right to vote.
The residents of Arizona had experienced enough suffrage and decided to ban Mexicans from their state.
by sporkfromkfc May 18, 2010
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The right to suffer. I don't know, the French made it up.
Katie Holmes must believe in suffrage if she's marrying Tom Cruise.
by Moses Joses November 18, 2006
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A game played where an object (usu. a ball of some kind) is thrown between two or more players where the aim is to strike the crotch of the other player(s).

No flinching or moving is allowed. The game will typically end when one player is in so much pain that they cannot continue.

Best played between men.
Phillip and I played suffrage with a tennis ball until I got him in the dick and he fell down.
by ZZZFP July 8, 2010
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An advocate of men's suffrage. One who possesses or exercises the political right of supporting and advancing the rights and freedoms of men. This is most easily applied in reference to the sexual-societal imbalance as seen in 'positive' discrimination towards women.
"He was sick and tired of that bitch getting everything her own way" he was a Suffragent and against this obviously two-tiered system.
by pat_idk July 3, 2004
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