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1- Pinochet (Augusto Pinochet) was a dictator in Chile, some people think he was very mean because he killed a lot of people in his regiment, He also violated the Human rights. This regiment started nearly 1973 and finished in 1990. He died december 10th of 2006
A lot of people celebrated his death in Plaza Baquedano (Santiago, Chile)
*Who was the president of Chile in 1973
-There was no president, only one dictator called Pinochet
*Oh really? what do you think of him?
-Oh he was very mean.. look it on Wiki
by Chileangirl July 06, 2010
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Poor chilean translation for german noun "hitler", equaly gruesome but crummy enough that he couldn't set up a gas chamber system because the argentinians shut off the gas valve and the bolivians wouldn't sell if "they don't give us back our ocean"
Lot's-a-crowds the world over, aproximately, chanting from the heart of their bottoms "Pinochéee !! Pinochéee!! (Esperanto for Pinochet)How many people have you killed today!!! (to the music of the Marsaillese)
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Pinochet (Pinnock), a family that arrived in Chile in the 1700's from Sant-Maloù, Brittany (France).
The family of the famous president and dictator of Chile, General Augusto Pinochet. Prevented Chile from becoming a communist country. He is blamed for the deaths of many, but no one seems to remember the good things he did nor the fact is mentioned he tried to save lives during Sept 11, 1973.
by undergroundpanther February 26, 2010
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Pinochet is a word used instead of liar. It can also be used as a noun describing the deceitful, lowlife scum of the earth.
Look that this God damn pinochet lying piece of s#!t.
by A worried on looker September 12, 2016
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