term for someone or something that was at their prime before going downhill
thanks to her jennie craig gig, kirstie alley is rapidly approaching her pre-war appearance!
she's starting to look pretty sweet again i gotta say.....
by bungalow bill January 13, 2006
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A website at coocoobombATblogspotDOTcom

Study of the next war. Focusing on the likely not the desirable.

War gaming coupled with search results on the consequences of war or the avoidance of.
The author, robotgossip, is not a military expert but a fear expert.
I try to focus mostly on probabilities but am not shy of my own subjectivity.
Pre War Forensics example below:

Depending on how far the gov goes on restructuring The United States of McDonald's, it will effect our foreign military obligations.

Rationing healthcare/money/guns will be less to spread around.

Government management is always ineffective/slow to respond to the facts on the ground. Spin the media wheel and try your luck. Chances are even a comic book will have more facts than most government reports.

Perfect timing for assholes around the world to do the voo-doo that they do so well before elections in 2012. It's almost like Billy Jack Obama is assuring a republican win.

Even with the most perfect president and citizenry, everything will be the same except no special sauce or love.

by robotgossip April 23, 2010
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Any event that happened before May 25 1977, the day Star Wars was released.
Bob : When did you graduate, Tom?

Tom : Pre-Star Wars in 1975.
by Yogi-Donnie February 08, 2008
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