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The term "neoliberalism" is used to describe a variety of movements away from state control or protection of the economy and toward corporate control of the market, particularly beginning in the 1970s.
As described by UC Berkeley economic historian and defender of neoliberalism Professor Brad DeLong, this "ism" has two main tenets:
"The first is that close economic contact between the industrial core of the capitalist world economy and the developing periphery is the best way to accelerate the transfer of technology which is the sine qua non for making poor economies rich (hence all barriers to international trade should be eliminated as fast as possible). The second is that governments in general lack the capacity to run large industrial and commercial enterprises. Hence, except for core missions of income distribution, public-good infrastructure, administration of justice, and a few others, governments should shrink and privatize."
by The Great Zimphire October 01, 2006
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The belief that allowing the wealthy to extract more money from the labor of other people will lead to better conditions for those people.
Neoliberalism doesn't work; the proof is all around you.
by Valerie Morghulis November 07, 2017
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an economic policy whereby the 1% make even more money through commodifying everything, selling off nature, privatizing inherently governmental activities, taking away your pension, and polluting non-stop
Both Republicans and Democrats subscribe to neoliberalism, which is why nothing changes from administration to administration.
by Señora Lluvia July 11, 2017
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liberalism, under the assumption everyone is a psychopath
margaret thatcher was one of the first proponents of neoliberalism, an ambitious woman with the brave goal of bringing neo-nazi ideology into boring british politics
by megafapper1995 December 04, 2017
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A cross between communism and socialism. Heavy regulation on everything, a welfare capitalist economy, and a globalist president that imperials the globe. There are also hints of National Socialism(Hitler) and Fascism (Mussolini) in the sense of war constantly against other people and terrorism is used in order to suppress our rights.
Barack Obama and his Administration can be considered neoliberalism.
by answermyq111 June 27, 2011
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