1. The first level of a video game.
2. Something that is very easy.
This computer class is such a level 1!
by 5'11"Racer September 28, 2006
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when a female is a level one it can refer to the fact that she is easy like level one of a video game
by Norcalgirl15 September 30, 2007
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Level 1 is referring to a the first level of a video as in being easy. Used to discribe a promiscuous female.
Hey Jenna is a Level 1 for suree
by norcalgirl9 September 21, 2007
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Spawning from the amazing ad campaign from the hit game Mafia City, a Level 1 Crook is the lowest level character and regarded as inferior to the much better character, Level 35 Boss. The term Level 1 Crook can be used as an insult meaning that someone is inferior to you (implying you are the Level 35 Boss and they are the Level 1 Crook).
Greg: Yo did you hear the new Sheck Wes song Mo Bamba?
Evan: Shut the fuck up you Level 1 Crook.
by pepe_extendus January 6, 2019
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description fit for A FUCKING IDIOT SHITHEAD PATHETIC BASTARD who MUNCHES on DISGUSTING SEWAGE and piles and piles of cow dung. The level 1 ashen is a prime example of an absolute waste of human resources, lacking the skill and knowledge of even a fucking monkey. whoever this person is must be executed on sight, they are SHIT and they also have a disgusting filthy sewer rat-shit hair-cut. their hair is like if you got gorilla and smashed its head in with a baseball bat. it looks like if you lived on nothing but laxatives for your entire life and have never shat and 100 years of living as such you finally shit and the end result is this idiot's hair cut. nobody likes this level 1 ashen's gay ass pixie haircut.
Friend: bro you like my haircut
You: You bloody level 1 ashen piece of shit I hope you trip and die of disease right in front of your lovely family you whore. I hope a gorilla forcefully pushes you into its gaping bum and wrecks you with its organs and ejects you into the heart of the amazon forest.
Friend: *gets shot*
by P4perboy May 25, 2019
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1. Noun. A character created for the sole purpose of posting anonymously on the official forum of an online game.

2. A breed of Forum Troll that lives in online games where forum names are tied to characters.
"The level 1 alt posted a long, heated rant about why Shaman were overpowered - but everyone saw that he was just trolling for attention."
by L.O.T.N.O. October 27, 2005
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Level One Bricklaying is the easiest course a College Student can do in the UK, so to link somone with Level 1 Bricklaying u are suggesting they are dumb/pepega or saying theyre not going to go far in life
Jacques: Ben can you help me on this question please
Ben: i think you need to go to level 1 bricklaying
by LIAM FIGGS December 5, 2019
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