An oxymoron and a paradox in itself in the context of social media such as Facebook, especially when a user finds something amusing or interesting enough to share or post on his wall (which means the user LIKES what he put on his wall/feed), and everybody is apparently ignoring what he's been posting for the longest time, as if it never existed.
Joe (thinking to himself): Damn, is anybody even seeing what I'm posting and sharing on my wall? I've been sharing some pretty cool stuff and I've been liking (well not like an easy like whore that Urbandictionary is defining) what my friends have been sharing on their walls. Some friends they are. Where the hell is the reciprocity?! Buncha ingrates! How come it's as if they're ignoring me on purpose?! Do I even exist? Maybe they think I'm dead. Am I dead? Is this like the 6th Sense? Oh well, better stop doing this social media crap then, pretty pointless talking to myself online. Damn, now I'm doing it in real life.
by CommandereON November 7, 2013
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A Facebook friend that gives up their 'likes' almost indiscriminately. Typically they will 'like' almost any post you make, regardless of how mundane or 'unlikeworthy' it actually was.
Steve: "Hey man check it out, Laura 'liked' my status from last night about me coming in 17th place in that bowling competition! I think she wants the D."

Joe: "Calm down bro, she's such an easy like."
by wxflurry October 29, 2013
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