Both a basketball player and an extremely hype song by Sheck Wes. The song is known to be played by the Gods and is very common in all sports ranging from football to golf.
John-Cmon guys we’re down by 20 but we still have another half. Let’s get hyped up!
Tyler-I got this

*puts on Mo Bamba*
*comesback and wins game by 76 points*
by Gogus October 30, 2018
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A song that was made by Sheck Wes
MO BAMBA : I got hooooooooooes calling a young nigga phooooooooooone
by STOOPIDNugget February 4, 2019
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That dumb ass sheck wes song that people turn up in their school,park,or car,mostly white people.
Those white people are always playing Mo Bamba
by MY ASS ASS ASS acc December 1, 2018
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When you get too drunk on a night out and wake up the next morning being confused and thinking what the fuck happened last night
I had mo bamba last night... shitttttttttt
by realgal123456789 January 7, 2019
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Mo Bamba is the name of a NBA player accociated with Savate Dul, his #1 Fan.
“Hey is that mo bamba? No thats savates boyfriend.”
by Tupu123 July 16, 2018
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Hypest song of 2018 major safety hazard
White kids at a free: FUCK! SHIT! BITCH!

police: must be Mo Bamba
by Highfratboy December 7, 2018
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