An alternative pronunciation to legend, with a similar but more complimentary meaning. Used in praise of an individual's efforts or behaviour.

The first syllable is pronounced like "leg" i.e. you have 2 of them and use them to walk around on.
Anita Ferguson, you are an absolute leg-end of spin-doctoring
by Kiwi Wordsmith August 11, 2005
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a general term to describe someone that achieves the impossible on a daily basis can also extend to legendary to explain the amazing things that the person has acomplished

can be used to describe certain people such as chuck norris, bruce lee and adriaan w

person 1: wow man adriaan pulled off some pretty legendary shit last weekend

person 2: no shit what did u expect tho he's such a legend it's all he ever does
by assassin101 April 19, 2011
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A man with Godly Character, strength, commitment, sincere, Successful; One who leaves a legacy for ages to come.
Terry gave up his time to help hurting kids, he's a legend.
by Rod R November 17, 2007
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The "back story" for any individual under cover; fake name, place of birth, fake family, fake social security, etc.

Typically used for government agents in deep cover operations.
Agent 1: Your going under cover.
Agent 2: When? What's my cover?
Agent 1: You start now, your Legend is enclosed in this file.
Agent 2: Alright.
Agent 1: Good luck, and don't die.
Agent 2: Thanks?
by AldrichAmes September 28, 2011
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their name will be known a hundred years from now
matt was a legend for the lemon styling of his hair.
by bobbobbobbill January 18, 2010
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A noun that refers to someone of greatness and who is very well known
by Da Legend August 14, 2007
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Similar to the word legend but with more emphasis and meaning.
Sometimes refered to as a foot.
1) Dude, you complete leg end!

2) Shes such a foot :D
by Joftw June 12, 2008
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