Vicki Manser is the biggest legend to walk the earth, she is so beautiful and talented. Go and show her some love she really deserves it
Person1: I looked up legend in the dictionary and it was just a picture of Vicki Manser

Person 2 : yeah that’s how dictionaries work
by all_i_need_is_six.xoxo June 11, 2020
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Someone who is the ultimate of cool. The legend is witty and nice, contrary to what they might think. The legend is also badass, though.
by meesh December 24, 2004
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Like previous definitions, can be used to show someone who is good at something in particular, or is a good all-round person that people aspire to be.

It is also used more casually on individual occasions where someone has provided/done something and you might say legend! to show more enthusiasm than just saying thanks or well done.
1 - 'Person A - Hey look what I found for sale on this site *links Person B to some rare item*
Person B - Ah you legend i've been looking for that for ages!'

2 - Person A - *opens door a third time for guy that keeps forgetting their keys*
Person B - Cheers, you legend!
by Jess86uk May 12, 2006
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Often mistaken for a meer legend.A leg end is of a much greater coolness.
"Wow you got me the new harry potter dvd.You're such a leg end."
by coooooooolkid November 18, 2007
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Someone who lifts the keg above their head instead of handstanding on it; someone who is hot like molten lava but super chill; someone who gets ass from all the girls because his pvc pipe is so huge and they all know it; someone who barbeques nude for parties; someone who everybody knows; someone with a rugby tattoo next to their balls; someone who knows everything about bongs
by Chill Molten Lava September 12, 2009
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All time greats only beaten in status by god himself, Legends will be rememered for centuries to come for all the great heroic things they did in life
' man have you seen BD, DA and LY over there, cant believe there on it again and looking so fresh and hot, there absolute LEGENDS '
by legend13 May 11, 2010
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A person who is addicted to Fantasy sports. Originating from NRL Dream Team addicts!
He doesn't play anymore but he is a Legend.
by GLHighlanders July 11, 2011
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