A noun that refers to someone of greatness and who is very well known
by Da Legend August 14, 2007
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An entity of limited lifespan (typically in the past) most would prefer had continued their work endlessly.
"E=mc2, what a legend"

"Dan let loose at the party last night. 27 beers? Legendary"
by flipflopthe4runner August 10, 2020
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1) A person who has gained respect by his/her peers for any reason. Most commonly used when a good bit of skill is produced in a football match.

2) A person who is the complete opposite, Chavs/Townies may call a complete d*ck a legend sarcastically

3) Leg, short for legend, pronounced Lej
1) Whhhhoooo Rossie Boi you Legend, go on my son!

2) Doby, what a legend! *Laughs*
by Urban Dictionary UK December 29, 2005
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Someone with exceptional capabilities in any field, most notably in the sexual antics he or she performs. However this can also be used in a slightly worse way, for example if someone were to get intimate with someone of the opposite sex akin to a hippo. example below is of the worse variety
See Rob pullin fat beth? Fucking legend!
by Appo November 10, 2003
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One of the finest cars ever made by Honda. Sold through the Acura line in North America from 1991 to 1995, it has very high quality materials not found in most sub $45,000 cars today, such as real wood, as well as a minimum of plasticky parts. In 1994, Honda introduced a Legend GS with 30 more peak horsepower. When it was discontinued in 1995, they took the engine and put it into their new, lesser replacement, the 3.2TL.
by Patent January 25, 2004
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