Gods that walk amongst us commoners. Kings of talent, trends, any color hair, invented vocals and dancing, invented winter albums, legends that will never die, on another level than any other boy group
"I wish EXO would step on me!"
"Have you seen EXO's recent hairstyles? My weave is snatched because Chen is blond and Chanyeol has rainbow hair!"
by paraboxed June 23, 2017
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EXO is a 9 member boy band from South Korea. They are under the company SM Entertainment. They are also the hottest boy band and will make you pregnant when you watch their music videos. Once you fall into EXO, there is absolutely no way back so you must be careful.
EXO is so hoooootttttttt.
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Exo is a 9 member Chinese-Korean boy group who were originally deemed as flops but now they're dominating the kpop world Chris Browns voice Look at me now.

Suho: also known as $uho, and mama suho since he's the leader and is basically a single mom of 8 kids and is 2 secs away from having a mental breakdown

Xiumin: The oldest, but looks the youngest and is the most built but also the one who's the most mature he's probably the quietest out of all 9 morons

Yixing/Lay: Don't be fooled, he may come across as innocent but he's not. he can either be gods child or SM's resident hoe This boy has a serious spanking kink, but he's probably the sweetest guy you'll ever see.

DO: satan himself, is smol but deadly thats all you need to know

Chanyeol: This guy falls off his chair every 2 minutes. he's super tall, looks really fluffy but has the voice of god. can't dance to save his life

Chen/Jongdae: looks like a dinosaur, main vocalist. doesn't stop talking, too loud for his own good, ADAMS APPLE!

Baekhyun: also a main vocalist, flirts with anything that has two legs, loves his hands, is friends with everyone in the kpop industry. #1 yixing fan boy

Kai/Jongin: second youngest, wanted to be a ballerina, his dancing is lethal and he knows it. Jongin is cute and fluffy, but kai is sexy and wild. theres a difference.

Sehun: maknae but looks the oldest, is treasured by his hyungs but suho has an extra soft spot for him. king of bitch face and body rolls.
"Did Exo win the grand prize again?"
by MEGADR January 15, 2017
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A group of 12 Gods from EXO Planet, divided into EXO-K (Korean) and EXO-M (Chinese).
EXO-K consists of: Dance Machine Kai, Sexy Maknae SeHun, Water Bending Guardian SuHo, Derp ChanYeollie, KyungSO_O, and SNSD Fanboy BaekHyun.
EXO-M consists of: Meat Bun XiuMin, Healing Unicorn Yixing, Bitch-faced Dragon Kris, Wushu/Aegyo Master Gucci Tao, Lost-in-Translation Chen, and the youngest is 5 y.o LuHan a.k.a Marilyn Monroe.
Members currently in a relationship are:
Kris & Tao, SeHun & LuHan, Kai & SuHo, and ChanYeol & BaekHyun.
Their unofficial fandom name is Exotic and they are on crack.
Exotics usually 'Pedo-noona' over members when in reality most of them are dongsaengs in high school. They stay up until 4am to watch live streaming interviews that EXO guests, while reading translations on their tumblr dashboards.
Once you become an exotic there is no turning back.
No cure is known for this disease except for contant song-replaying, photoshoot-photo-reblogging, spazzing, and fan-fiction-writing.
Me: I was about to fall asleep in class.
Friend 1: Yeah, I've noticed.
Friend 2: What's been up with you lately?
Me: I was diagnosed as an Exotic.
Friend 3: OMG. WHAT'S THAT?!
Me: ... I'll save you you and not tell you.
by my exo bbs May 2, 2012
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EXO is a South Korean/Chinese boy band formed in 2011 produced by SM Entertainment. Their debut single 'MAMA' was released in April, 2012. It consists of two sub-groups, EXO K, who promote their music in South Korea and EXO M who promote in China. Each sub-group has six members each.
A - "Did you watch all those teasers of the new boy band SM Entertainment's releasing?"
B - "YES! They're called EXO! They're totally gonna be the hottest kpop rookies ever!"
by orangegoose May 29, 2012
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A new SM Entertainment boy group, set to debut on 23rd December. Not much is known about them yet apart from there is said to be 12/13 members.

EXO-K = Korean version
EXO-M = Mandarin Chinese version
SM Fan: Did you see that teaser trailer that SMTOWN put on Youtube with Kai from the new EXO?

SM Fan 2: HELL YEAH! I think I might be turning into an 'Exotic'! :D (EXO fan name)
by Schmoodle December 22, 2011
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The largest boy group who dominates the Kpop Industry in today's generation;

A quadruple million seller;

Standards for other boy groups success 🔥

A boy group where all members are mothafacking visual. Bitch you ain't choose whose your bias and your bias wrecker, because you bias is also a bias wrecker.
EXOL: EXO TAKE MY MONEEEYY!! 💵💰💳 bitches that's EXO
by EXhOeL 💳 October 17, 2017
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