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Acronym for Down Syndrom Dragon
An exclusive clud for the coolest kids in school with the most swag. You can spot a DSD when one puts a "D" on his forhead and yells noises across rooms or hallways. The simple minded being thinks these are noises but one who is a DSD know everysound and its meaning. The mere human could not graspe the complexity of being a DSD and makes it basically impossible for the mortal being to become a member of this prestine club
Guy 1: What are thes tards doing yelling across the room putting a "D" on their forehead probably mean dumb! Am i right!?
Guy 2: No your not right! They are apart of the DSD of course you would think they are acting like idiots. Your such a elephant brain
Guy 1: REALLY?!? I feel terrible I thought the club was a myth I cant believ i actually got to witness the communication of two real DSD members! I am honored to be in their presence.
by Filthy Felicia July 14, 2016
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DSD stands for Dahan Sucks Ducks
"they laughed at one of the members of the Dahan family for sucking ducks"
by captainmonek September 19, 2017
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Do Some Damage - If u r drunk, and think that u r the strongest creature in the world, and u r indestructible, u will funnily encourage your dudes to dance wildly, ignoring the other people :)
Show time, dudes! Let's DSD!
by dave81 November 20, 2006
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Deloitte Shut Down: When an intolerable and arrogant employee/ future employee of Deloitte incorrectly answers a question in class, and is subsequently shut down by the teacher and humilated to a point where they are forced to look down and refuse to answer any future answers. THat is DELOITTE SHUT DOWN BITCHES!!!!
Tax Class:

Bob (Deloitte Douchebag): Cant we make a sect 22 election in this case?

Prof: No! What kind of stupid comment is that?

Bob: I am sorry I work at Deloitte, I just presumed everything I say must be correct.

Prof: DSD
by PwC moron February 02, 2010
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