You are the life of the party, everybody else wishes they could be half as cool as you are even tho your just being yourself, your personality is one that "keith stone's smoothness" couldn't even compare to, a complete badass without effort, and Fire trembles at the mention of your name, you find em hot and always leave them wet,
There goes the legend
by 77blue May 27, 2015
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Like previous definitions, can be used to show someone who is good at something in particular, or is a good all-round person that people aspire to be.

It is also used more casually on individual occasions where someone has provided/done something and you might say legend! to show more enthusiasm than just saying thanks or well done.
1 - 'Person A - Hey look what I found for sale on this site *links Person B to some rare item*
Person B - Ah you legend i've been looking for that for ages!'

2 - Person A - *opens door a third time for guy that keeps forgetting their keys*
Person B - Cheers, you legend!
by Jess86uk May 12, 2006
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Someone who lifts the keg above their head instead of handstanding on it; someone who is hot like molten lava but super chill; someone who gets ass from all the girls because his pvc pipe is so huge and they all know it; someone who barbeques nude for parties; someone who everybody knows; someone with a rugby tattoo next to their balls; someone who knows everything about bongs
by Chill Molten Lava September 12, 2009
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All time greats only beaten in status by god himself, Legends will be rememered for centuries to come for all the great heroic things they did in life
' man have you seen BD, DA and LY over there, cant believe there on it again and looking so fresh and hot, there absolute LEGENDS '
by legend13 May 11, 2010
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m, five words: hope love joy luck faith.
to be a legend.
We are legends. We got hope love luck joy faith.
by Legend12345 June 11, 2009
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Ruining the perfectly adequate word legend by adding a # to the front. Usually by obnoxious people on twitter gloating about their achievements but the particularly self centred say it in real life.
Person 1: Iran a marathon now I'm a #legend!
Person 2: Fuck you
by Iamalegend August 16, 2014
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A person who is addicted to Fantasy sports. Originating from NRL Dream Team addicts!
He doesn't play anymore but he is a Legend.
by GLHighlanders July 11, 2011
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