a hero, a stand-up guy, someone who's seen Paul Gascoigne's penis.

Spread the love, nominate a leg end today.
Bosh, did you just say you've seen gazza's knob? what a leg end!
by G@A February 8, 2005
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Perez: *defends against Hamilton and reduces the gap between Max and Lewis*

Verstappen: "Checo is a legend."
by RoboticHamster December 13, 2021
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The whitest school in Colorado. Literally full of the most cringy kids, every kid there thinks they’re hard asf and that they are ina gang bc they own a juul. Legend also always smells like burnt pussy bc the school crackhead (Tatum) refuses to shower. Full of the fakest bitches you will ever meet that will pretend that y’all are best friends and then talk shit ab you behind your back. The security guards are all dykes and the highlight of their day is when they catch someone vaping. If you get caught vaping you will literally get fucking court. Watch out for Chodi, who will follow you into the bathroom and fuck u with her big pink dildo if she catches you vaping. The security guards profile students and will make it their life goal to get them expelled. All the teachers act like they’re your parents and treat you like a 6 year old but still expect us to act like adults. This school is by far the most toxic place you could ever set foot in and the second you go inside of it you will get chlymedia and crippling depression.
by katelynwright15 March 7, 2019
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Someone who is the defintion of greatness.
Someone who is noticed easily for his awesomeness.

Eg. Jack a kid i know.
That kid is so up himself he thinks he is such a legend.
by legend1993 June 11, 2008
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You are the life of the party, everybody else wishes they could be half as cool as you are even tho your just being yourself, your personality is one that "keith stone's smoothness" couldn't even compare to, a complete badass without effort, and Fire trembles at the mention of your name, you find em hot and always leave them wet,
There goes the legend
by 77blue May 27, 2015
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The processing of winning at life and absolutely everything that you do, especially if it requires bravery, skill or conquering the fairer sex.
Look! The Kings are Legending again.
by Mountain X July 23, 2013
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