Somebody who is amazing; says amazing things, makes amazing calls, does amazing things, thinks amazing ways.

Somebody who should be worshipped because of ther awesomeness.
Have you met Rachel Adams? She's the biggest legend. She lives in Warrnambubble, loves singing cat videos, and possesses the highest amount of legendariness ever encountered on planet earth. She has been known to tell herself to "Google" things in her dictionary in English examinations
by YEAHYAH. June 16, 2011
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A ghetto ass resort/hotel located in Vernon, New Jersey. It was built in the 70's for 'Hef' and the bunny's. A fun place to go and party because you'll feel like your the only one there... until you hear gun shots.
"You tell people you stay at legends they think you cool"

"Dude you sound like the Asian guy from How High"
by JahSka August 05, 2008
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Very much like bell end but to be used when bell end cant be
Mum "So what do you think of Bob"

Boy "Bit of a Leg-end aint he"
by Slim slimmer February 22, 2011
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One of the finest cars ever made by Honda. Sold through the Acura line in North America from 1991 to 1995, it has very high quality materials not found in most sub $45,000 cars today, such as real wood, as well as a minimum of plasticky parts. In 1994, Honda introduced a Legend GS with 30 more peak horsepower. When it was discontinued in 1995, they took the engine and put it into their new, lesser replacement, the 3.2TL.
by Patent January 24, 2004
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A person who embodies the pinnacle of all the important social aspects and commands Respect for any reason. a leader of many men.
" Rob Keefe is a joke! Now Kevin Guy... that's a legend!
by jsb131417 July 17, 2011
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Someone with exceptional capabilities in any field, most notably in the sexual antics he or she performs. However this can also be used in a slightly worse way, for example if someone were to get intimate with someone of the opposite sex akin to a hippo. example below is of the worse variety
See Rob pullin fat beth? Fucking legend!
by Appo November 10, 2003
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